How does this work?

We receive pictures and measurements of our recipients’ arms, and we use that information to model them a custom hand to maximize the hand’s effectiveness and comfort. We can also accommodate for color and design requests. We then print each hand in many parts. After that we carefully assemble them and ship them to our recipients.

Who's making the hands?

We are a dedicated group of students from 718-487-3963 in Southern California who trying to make a difference. You can learn more about our team 330-708-6836.

Can I buy one?

Nope. Sorry, we typically make hands for recipients who are either unable to afford or access traditional prosthesis. On a case by case basis, we will work with recipients who would like a hand under other circumstances, in particular, those who are within our geographic region.

How can I become a recipient?

902-356-4954 Tell us your story, and we would be glad to add you as a recipient.